The limited compressibility of LASTO-WALL E acoustic bearings ensures high bearing strength at an optimal compression level. As well as minimising settlements, the bearings also offer, by the use of permanently elastic solid rubber, high protection against mechanical damage during construction. This prevents piercing of the material, which in turn prevents the formation of sound bridges and penetration of water.


Requirements for noise protection are specified by standards such as the Swiss norm SIA 181:2006. The minimum requirements can often not be achieved by standard construction methods. Where the requirements are particularly demanding, the use of wall bearings becomes unavoidable. The installation of LASTO-WALL E bearings under every wall efficiently blocks the secondary noise transmission paths in the vertical direction.
To block secondary noise transmission paths via pipework, mageba’s LASTO-ISOPIPE represents a technically excellent and affordable solution.

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    LASTO-WALL E (in a roll)