Vibration isolation mats – VIBRAX-PUR


Vibration isolation is becoming increasingly important in the construction industry and in mechanical engineering. The noise and the vibrations caused have a negative impact on the environment and may lead to structural damage and health concerns. Vibration bearings made of VIBRAX-PUR form the link between a dynamically inducing system and the system to be protected. As a bearing element, VIBRAX-PUR highly efficiently reduces noise and vibrations.


The VIBRAX-PUR product range is used as an elastic bearing element in various fields of application. Main applications as full-surface mount, strip or discrete bearing include the machinery and construction industries as well as the railway sector. VIBRAX-PUR is an economic solution in the area of structure-borne sound decoupling and vibration isolation thanks to its long-term stability and simple installation.


Image gallery

  • VIBRAX-PUR-img1

    VIBRAX-PUR strip bearings

  • VIBRAX-PUR-img2

    VIBRAX-PUR acting as a full-surface bearing for buildings

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    VIBRAX-PUR acting as a full-surface bearing for buildings