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Project description

Construction of the Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) began in 1988, and includes two main sections on either side of a dock on Hong Kong Island, linked by an atrium spanning the dock. It is planned to construct a third section at a later date, but in advance of this the atrium is being extended to provide an extra 19 400 m2 of exhibition space.

Currently, the centre has a total internal rentable function area of 70 000 m2. It houses more than 45 international trade fairs every year, and was the venue chosen for the 1st July 1997 handover of the former British Colony to Chinese rule.

Six massive steel trusses, up to 100 m long, support the exhibition floors via hanger columns from above.

Delivered products

The main steel trusses are primarily supported by 12 mageba RESTON®POT bearings (Vmax = 209 000 kN, Hmax = 18 2000 kN). Largest bearing weighs 16 300 kg and can take the load the weight of 2 times the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

A RESTON®SPHERICAL bearing (Vmax = 63 000 kN, Hmax = 3 500 kN) featuring ROBO®SLIDE high-grade sliding material supports a central pylon. The choice of type of bearing and sliding material, all materials having much higher bearing capacity than PTFE or elastomer, enabled the size of the bearing to be significantly reduced as desired by the architect.

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Vmax 209'000 kN Hmax 18'200 kN / Vmax 63'000 Hmax 3'500 kN




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