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Tao Hua Yu Bridge


Project description

The Tao Hua Yu Bridge is the fourth bridge of the Xixia Wuzhi Highway over the Yellow River in the city of Zhengzhou. The bridge has an overall length of 7691.5 m, including approaches. The main structure is a two-tower, three-span self-anchored suspension bridge with a main span of 406 m and side spans of 160 m. The stiffening girder was erected by the one-way, multi-point and synchronous incremental launching method, computer controlled. The bridge opened to traffic in October 2013.

mageba scope

mageba supplied expansion joints and a structural health monitoring (SHM) system for the bridge when constructed. TENSA-MODULAR joints with up to 16 gaps (type LR16) each allow up to 1280 mm of movement. The SHM system enables the condition and performance of the newly constructed structure to be continually assessed, for the purposes of initial construction quality control and ongoing inspection and maintenance. It also maximises the bridge engineer’s understanding of the structure’s response to environmental and other influences.

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Key data


TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints (LR16), ROBO-CONTROL monitoring system






Suspension bridge


7691 m