Hydraulic dampers – RESTON-SA


mageba RESTON-SA hydraulic dampers are used to dissipate the large amounts of energy that result from sudden dynamic loading (e.g. from earthquakes or from the braking of trains or heavy road vehicles). In normal conditions, however, they permit free movement between the structure’s parts.


RESTON-SA hydraulic dampers are used to dissipate high horizontal forces in structures. They can be used in the construction of new structures, or to enhance an existing structure’s strength and resistance to seismic forces.

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          The sealing is the most critical element of the entire hydraulic system

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          RESTON-SA shock absorber ready for installation

        • RESTON-SA-img4

          Hydraulic shock absorber during installation on a building

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          Installed hydraulic shock absorber

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          Installed shock absorber on a bridge structure

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          Vasco da Gama Bridge, Portugal – equipped with RESTON-SA shock absorbers