Bridge over N3 and Linth


Project description

This road bridge, which was built in 1971 to cross the Swiss N3 highway and the Linth River Channel, was renovated in 2013.

Among other challenges, the renovation project required the deck at the south abutment to be lifted. This abutment had experienced significant settlement in the preceding years, impacting on the functioning of the neighbouring Gerber joint. The project also required a number of the deck’s support bearings to be replaced or renovated, and additional new bearings to be installed for better load distribution.

mageba scope

Three hydraulic jacks, each with a lifting capactity of 2000 kN, were used to lift the deck at the south abutment by 165 mm. mageba also carried out the necessary bearing renovation work, and supplied and installed the required new bearings. RESTON-POT LIFT CONTROL lifting bearings were selected for use, enabling loads to be optimally and easily redistributed among bearings. These ETA-certified bearings are based on mageba’s well-proven RESTON-POT bearings, but can additionally be used, by injecting with silicone rubber, to lift a structure’s deck at any location if required.

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Products and services:

Deck lifting and repositioning works, RESTON-POT LIFT CONTROL bearings, Bearing installation




Bilten, Schänis


Box girder bridge with Gerber joints