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Champlain challenge


The specification for the supply of the modular expansion joints required by the New Champlain Bridge in Montreal was particularly demanding in a number of ways

Established subsidiary in Dubai


The youngest subsidiary within the mageba Group has also taken up business in the 'Swiss Tower' in Dubai, UEA.

The advantage of an unanchored expansion joint


Expansion joints for highway A73 in the Netherlands. Although this project was executed some months ago we still like to share it with you as this is a perfect example to showcase the huge advantage of an unanchored system for joint replacements.

New subsidiary mageba Colombia


mageba is proud to continue its expansion into the American market, north and south, with the opening in January 2019 of its newest subsidiary, mageba Colombia.

Watch the magic happen…


We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year. Come and enjoy a magical moment with us!

Linking Lima


A current major infrastructure project in the Peruvian capital involves the construction of a number of highway viaducts and pedestrian bridges – four of which feature mageba key components

A common refurbishment though remarkable


In 2016, mageba carried out a bearing inspection with technical assessment of the bridge’s bearings. Since April 2018 mageba has been involved in the refurbishment, carrying out the heavy lifting for the bearing replacement as well as the installation of new expansion joints.

Building on experience


The Cibeles Tower in Mexico City is currently undergoing a major renovation, with mageba shock absorbers at every level protecting it against earthquakes of the kind that have damaged it in the past

Great exchange rate


The new TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints of the Köhlbrand Bridge in Hamburg are of the “Quick-Ex” (quick exchange) type, making them far easier to replace when the time comes – with little or no impact on traffic

Barkley flexibility


The new Lake Barkley Crossing in Kentucky has been equipped with particularly flexible mageba modular expansion joints

Bienvenidos a Tijuana


The ability of a new section of elevated highway in Tijuana, Mexico to survive strong earthquakes has been ensured by equipping it with suitably designed seismic isolators and expansion joints



The disc bearing has become an important element of mageba’s product range in the US in recent years, thanks in part to its great strength and durability

Condo calm


With mageba bearings isolating a new upmarket condominium building in Toronto from vibrations from an adjacent underground railway, the residents can be sure of a good night’s sleep

Thank you for all the condolences


We are overwhelmed and grateful by the sincere sympathy we received after the tragic loss of Thomas. From the bottom of our heart, we, on behalf of the bereaved family, want to thank you for all the condolences and compassion shared during this difficult period.

Environmentally friendly


mageba Lead Rubber Bearings (LRBs) are being used to seismically isolate the anaerobic digester at a modern food and green waste treatment facility in California, greatly reducing waste brought to landfill sites and producing valuable biogas and fertilizer

In memory of Thomas Spuler


2nd October 1956 to 1st March 2018

Successful mageba Symposium 2018


1st mageba Symposium for expansion joints and bridge bearings took place in Munich. Impressions of a successful premiere.

Honored with the ‘Swiss Business Award 2017’


The SwissCham Australia honored mageba with the award in the ‘Technology’ category for its highly developed products and solutions installed in a prominent number of Australian projects.

Side by Side


Ensuring good life-cycle performance of any bridge places significant demands in relation to the key components and technology selected for use in its construction and maintenance. This is illustrated by the New Champlain Bridge’s expansion joints and structural health monitoring system, as described in this article ©Bd&e | ISSUE 89.

Fits like a glove


The finger joints supplied for the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in New York have to be tailored to precisely fit the existing steel structure following removal of the old expansion joints – a challenge made all the greater by their extraordinary size

Uplifting experience


The Panama Canal’s new Atlantic Bridge is just the latest project in the Americas for which mageba has designed and supplied uplift bearing solutions

Come with us on a winter walk


We wish you a happy Christmas, and all the best in the coming year. Join us on a winter walk, as we get in the spirit of the season.

Welland good


All’s well and good at the Welland Canal in Canada – particularly in relation to the new POLYFLEX-ADVANCED flexible plug expansion joints of its Lock 2 Road Bridge

No job too big


The New NY Bridge, soon to be named the Mario Cuomo Bridge, currently under construction across the Hudson River near New York to replace the Tappan Zee Bridge, is being equipped with fully factory-assembled modular expansion joints of extraordinary dimensions

mageba is first to hold an European Technical Assessment (ETA) according to ETAG 032 for expansion joints made of steel


mageba is proud to announce that it is currently the only supplier to provide TENSA-GRIP Type RS expansion joints in full accordance with the the ETAG 032.

Innovation recognition


mageba is honored to have been awarded Salini Impregilo’s “Innovation Award 2017” for the products and solutions supplied for the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) in Athens, Greece

Spheres of influence


Spherical bearings, to date predominantly used in the bridge construction sector, are increasingly finding application in the construction of buildings – particularly in the case of special, technically challenging building construction projects where the unique advantages of this type of bearing come to the fore

Pendulum motion


San Francisco’s new “Grand Central Station of the West”, with mageba seismic isolators supporting key structural elements, will play a decisive role in getting the city moving!

Big Lift


mageba’s installation team has demonstrated its abilities in the recent lifting and renovation of a century-old bridge over the Rhône River in Valais, Switzerland

Tower of strength


The Executive Tower of Mexico’s Ministry of Economy has recently been extensively strengthened against seismic damage by the retrofitting of mageba RESTON®SA shock absorbers

How long-term costs of bridge’s expansion joints can be minimised by a prospective strategy


Consideration of the total cost of expansion joints on a bridge over the full life-cycle of that structure can demonstrate that the cost of procuring suitable, high-quality joints, and installing and maintaining them properly will be repaid many times. Learn more in this article from ©Bd&e | ISSUE 87.

We’ve got LUDs covered – from Tappan A to Tappan Zee


mageba’s role in the design, fabrication, testing, transport and installation of the Lock-Up Devices (LUDs – a.k.a. Shock Transmission Units, STUs) of the Tappan Zee Bridge’s replacement structure

Old Macdonald renewed


The major renovation of the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada will soon be completed, with mageba expansion joints in its brand new superstructure

Made in the USA


A look inside mageba USA’s new factory in Pottstown, PA – where an efficient manufacturing facility for a wide range of structural components has been established within a short period of time

mageba Newsflash July 2017


The mageba International Newsflash issue July 2017 is available now

Bridge ices before road


Aspects to be aware of when lead rubber bearings, low temperature, highway bridges and seismic isolation come together

Queensferry Crossing Scotland – installation of expansion joints


Impressions from the lifting and levelling operation of the largest joints with 23 gaps being installed on the Queensferry Crossing in Scotland.

Germany's first bridge with hot dip galvanizing


Germany's first bridge with hot dip galvanizing

Lights out, curtain up!


We wish you a happy and meaningful Christmas, and a healthy and successful New Year. Lean back, turn up the volume, and join us on a short trip to get in the holiday spirit.

Enjoy shortcuts from Eurasia Tunnel


Officially opened on 20th December, this road tunnel crosses the Bosphorus strait undersea.

Bird's eye view on Hamburg's Köhlbrand Bridge


Quick-EX installation enables fast joint replacement for future maintenance and repair works.

First for Forth


Largest-movement modular expansion joints ever manufactured for third Forth Crossing near Edinburgh

Bearing point: bridge monitoring works in the Swiss Alps


A current programme of bridge monitoring works in the Swiss Alps demonstrates how bridge bearings with integrated SHM are now offering improved functionality, enabling them to optimally address diverse purposes.

Keeping it together: vertically-oriented bearings between the towers of Queensferry Crossing


A special design has been developed for the vertically-oriented bearings between the towers and deck of the Queensferry Crossing, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Factsheet 2016 mageba Group


Another successful year full of highlights and achievements for our group – read more in our updated Factsheet.

Statement to the earthquake in Ecuador


On April 16th Ecuador has experienced a devastating earthquake that had severe consequences to people and infrastructure.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


Many thanks for your support and cooperation throughout the year!

Factsheet 2015 available now


Fast facts about mageba at a glance

Japan Certification for mageba’s flexible plug expansion joint


Successful passing of tests at Japan Construction Method & Machinery Research Institute, Fuji

Street smart: mageba product info about new development of "smart" expansion joints


The integration of specially developed SHM technology into as-fabricated expansion joints has resulted in the advent of “smart” expansion joints.

How a long-term strategy can help minimise the life-cycle costs of a bridge’s bearings


Consideration of the life-cycle costs of a bridge’s bearings, including costs of maintenance and replacement throughout the bridge’s life, demonstrates the importance of devoting adequate attention to the procurement, installation and maintenance of high-quality, well-detailed bearings. Learn more in this article from ©Bd&e | ISSUE 79.

Learn and Grow: mageba provides hands-on training for Delft University Students


45 prospective engineers and their professor spent one day in Serbia, looking behind the scenes of a selection of famous civil engineering projects in South and Eastern Europe.

Project References – from North to South


Over the last years, many famous projects on the two American continents have been equipped with mageba products.

Level crossing – how to minimise stress-inducing dynamic forces on expansion joints


An Austrian/Swiss research project is investigating the dynamic forces associated with slight level changes as a vehicle crosses an expansion joint, and how these can be minimised. Learn more in this article from ©Bd&e | ISSUE 79.

mageba Newsflash Spring 2015


The mageba Newsflash issue Spring 2015 is available now

Fighting Fatigue – minimising bridge life-cycle costs


Ensuring the longevity of expansion joints is key to minimising bridge life-cycle costs. Therefore, laboratory testing of bridge components is important to verify their longterm performance. Learn more in this article from ©Bd&e | ISSUE 77.

mageba now live on LinkedIn!


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Happy New Year!


We wish you Happy Holidays and a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Game, set and match in Lille


Switzerland and France are currently raising their tennis rackets for the prestigious Davis Cup Crown. This most famous competition for men’s tennis takes place in France’s Stade Pierre-Mauroy, also well-known as Grand Stade de Lille.

The stadium opened in 2012 with its movable roof supported by four large mageba RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings.

Joint Chambers of Commerce: Switzerland, Russia and the CIS


Delegation of Regional Governmental and Business Representatives from Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk, Russia visit to Switzerland.

mageba milestones in a Christmas atmosphere


50 years of mageba – milestones, in a Christmas atmosphere. Enjoy!

Wazirabad Monitoring Project


Delhi Tourism & Transportation Corporation Ltd. relies on mageba.

“Welcome to the circle of the Best”


mageba as a finalist for business award “Entrepreneur of the year” 2012