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The earlier considered in planning, the better the result

As a rule, the source of disruption should be kept separate from the area of concern - if possible in separate buildings, or at least in separate building parts. Clear and geometrically simple separation surfaces and lines assist in the planning and execution of any vibration isolation solution, thus reducing costs.
Vibrations can be damped either at source or at the area of concern. The choice of solution depends on the use of the area, the design of the structure, the time of execution and the construction process.
mageba’s engineers will be happy to assist you in developing a concept for your project. The earlier the better.

Comprehensive solutions by mageba

mageba’s wide range of high-quality vibration isolation products enables us to offer practical, tailored solutions for every challenge.
In addition to the actual vibration isolation, connections to non-isolated, stiffening structural elements such as stairwells must be carefully addressed.
Calculation models, which enable the effect of a particular bearing solution to be determined in advance, can play a pivotal role in ensuring a successful outcome.

Our experience contributes to your success

The design of vibration isolation currently uses a simplified calculation based on a single-mass oscillator model. In the case of buildings, the assumptions made, such as that the building has infinite stiffness and that the ground beneath it is also very stiff, and in relation to the excitation frequency, will often represent a significant diversion from reality. Very often, the building may have a complex design and feature many different natural frequencies, unknown ground stiffness and complex excitation spectra.
Mageba’s engineers will help you to identify the critical differences between model and reality, ensuring the success of your vibration isolation solution.

High-quality, long-life products

The mageba-developed products VIBRAX®BLOCK B and VIBRAX®DAMP B/C, and the further products of the VIBRAX®DAMP and VIBRAX®SCREED lines, represent highly effective solutions to vibration isolation challenges for both isolated structural elements such as columns and continuous elements such as slabs.
For connections to stiffening structural elements such as stairwells and lift shafts, mageba offers a range of well-proven connectors which transmit loads while damping vibrations.

Installation by your expert partner

Vibration and sound bridges can in general be avoided in planning by appropriate detailing. But the execution on site is often a different matter. The slightest error can in the worst case lead to a failure of the whole isolation system.
mageba therefore offers installation by trained and certified personnel, ensuring a perfect outcome.