For overhead bridge cranes


Overhead cranes, running on girders supported by a building’s structure, are increasingly being used in industrial and storage facilities, with apartments or office space located in the same building. A critical point which must be considered when installing such cranes is that their use causes vibrations and noise, even at disturbance frequencies as low as 30 Hz. Successful damping of these vibrations therefore requires a low-frequency solution, which achieves equally good noise insulation at all loading levels of the crane, from unloaded to fully loaded.

Solutions for standard cranes

For the most common types of overhead bridge crane, mageba offers the VIBRAX®CRANE complete solution. This achieves low frequencies for a wide range of loading levels, and can resist high pressures. This makes VIBRAX®CRANE the ideal comprehensive noise-damping solution for overhead cranes.

Solutions for special cranes

mageba also offers a further range of bearing systems for special cranes, such as gantry cranes for transporting containers in shipping ports. Please contact us for further information.

Krahnbahnlagerung Schematisch (English)

External view of the Meyer-Burger production facility in Thun, Switzerland (during construction, 2011). The crane rails of the facility’s overhead cranes are supported by over 140 VIBRAX®CRANE bearing systems


Internal view of production facility


Main supports of the VIBRAX®CRANE bearing system for a rail support girder of a standard overhead bridge crane