For a quiet building

Product overview

Wandlager Tabelle (English)

Dynamic stiffness

at 50 Hz and 1 N/mm2 pressure

Wandlager Diagramm1 (English)

Load capacity

LASTO®WALL C and G are suitable for multi-storey building with up to 8 storeys. The adjacent diagram shows the calcula¬ted load-carrying capacity of brick-work fxk according to SIA 266:2003 [N/mm2] when using a LASTO®WALL wall bearing under the brick-work. Testing by p+f Sursee proved that brick walls with and without wall bearings offer the same load-carrying capacity.

Wandlager Diagramm2 (English)
Wandlager-P+F Sursee

The brick wall did not suffer any damage after the compression test with wall bearing. The picture shows the most critical, lowest brick.


Installation on site