Selection of expansion joint profiles -

How do I select the most suitable expansion joint type?

1. Select your application area in the table(section (1))

2. Should the joint be watertight? (3)

3. What type of live loading will the joint be subjected to in service? (3)

4. Select width, height and movement capacity according to your needs (2) (see illustration on page 5, 2nd from top).

5. Detailed information about each joint type can be found in the relevant product brochure on the page number noted under (4).

Selection of expansion joint profiles (PDF, 253 kb)

Do you want to check your selection with us? Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to call us. Our product specialists will be happy to help you.

Besondere Anforderungen

* corresponding to the load classes in accordance with EN 124 / DIN 1229 (see page 6) as follows:

  • Cars B

  • Trucks E

  • Fork-lift trucks D

  • Hard rollers k. A.

mageba cannot accept responsibility for expansion joints which were selected without consulting with mageba.