Application area, floor surfacing, slab construction and the location of the structure’s sealing level are just a few of the many factors that must be considered in selecting a suitable expansion joint and planning its installation. Thanks to several decades of experience, mageba is well qualified to support and advise you in this.

Condition assessments

You have an expansion joint that shows signs of deterioration, has damaged connecting surfacing or allows water to leak through it? mageba offers professional condition inspections, with rehabilitation proposals if desired. These typically comprise visual inspections only, but can also include watertightness tests, core analyses and the creation of exploratory openings as required. A comprehensive written report is then provided.

Regular maintenance inspections

Expansion joints, like other structural elements, suffer from wear and tear which must be repaired from time to time. The costs of repairs increase exponentially with the duration of the interval. It is thus sensible to recognise and address deterioration before cracking of surfacing and corrosion develop. mageba offers regular inspections at intervals of your choosing, with an inspection report provided after each visit.

Installation training and inspection of installation

mageba and its partners have been manufacturing expansion joints for several decades, and are pioneers in this field. The serviceability and watertightness of an expansion joint depend strongly on its installation.
mageba thus works together with professional installation partners that have appropriate experience in the installation of expansion joints. To ensure perfect installation, mageba offers training for installation contractors and for those who will inspect the installation work.

Training for architects and engineers

Did you always want to know more about expansion joints and their use? mageba offers you and your company training on the subject of expansion joints. Depending on needs and interest, the training can take place in your offices. Ask us about available dates.


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